Razer’s tiny new headset means no more Princess Leia buns for game streamers


Need a headset that doesn’t make the mind appearance two times as big?

Razer recently announced the Razer Ifrit, which is actually a lower-information head set that mixes in-ears headsets with the adaptable condenser mic. Simply because of its tiny footprint, the Razer Ifrit is geared toward streamers that want to flaunt their face whilst documenting. But it’s also a choice for anyone who wants a headphone/microphone combo that doesn’t totally take over their experience.

The lightweight video gaming headset trend seems to be finding on amongst producers. MadCatz proved off of their own small head set at CES, and there are several others on Amazon . com (like this and this).


The Razer Ifrit features a 3.5mm sound jack, but you can also hook it up by way of Universal serial bus with the Razer Universal serial bus Sound Enhancer. That means it is possible to connect it for your Laptop or computer, Mac pc, Xbox, Sony playstation and many other products.

The Ifrit is accessible now on the Razer internet site. It charges 00/£100/AU70. The Razer Universal serial bus Audio Enhancer is incorporated with the Razer Ifrit, but you may also buy it separately for 0//£20/AU5.


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