Fortnite season 5 challenges: It’s your last chance to upgrade your Battle Pass


With all the Fortnite purple cube ultimately coming in contact with straight down in Loot Lake on Wednesday, it’s appearing like we’re going to have to hold back until year 6 to view what riveting, road map-shifting alterations Legendary has in store to the video game. But although there are still a few days still left in season 5, this can be the best possibility to grind out earlier week’s obstacles to get as much Fight Pass loot as you can well before you will need to start from scratch.

Don’t overlook, in the event you don’t total the difficulties when season 5 stops, you may lose out on any loot you didn’t unlock.

To make it easier to verify difficulties away your checklist, we’ve gathered each and every prior week’s problems in this article, with helpful tips and screenshots if needed so you can fly by means of them quickly. Be aware that we didn’t start putting up the each week problems until period 5 week 3, however, for full week 3 via 7 days 10, you may click on the ‘7 days’ subheads to get more in depth explanations.

Few days 1:

Totally free Obstacles:

  • Deal harm with SMGs to competitors (/500)
  • Research a Provide Llama (/1)
  • Clinger, Smell Bomb, or Grenade Eliminations (/3) – Challenging

Struggle Successfully pass Obstacles:

  • Lookup Chests in Snobby Shores (/7)
  • Lookup floating Lightning Mounting bolts (/7)
  • Follow the treasure road map seen in Dangerous Reels (/1) – Tough
  • Remove adversaries in Store Row – Difficult

A number of these are personal-explanatory, but a few could slow you down should you don’t know what to do. Both that stand out range from the Lookup floating Lightning Mounting bolts and Follow the jewel guide challenges. 

Here’s in which all the lightening bolts are (you just require several from the 20 proven):


To get the Fight Celebrity for pursuing the treasure guide in High-risk Reels, merely go to the ledge over the tunnel near Tomato City:


Few days 2:

Cost-free Challenges:

  • Deal injury with Attack Rifles to opponents (/one thousand)
  • Look for 7 Ammo Boxes in a single go with (/7)
  • Eradicate opponents in Paradise Hands (/3) – Difficult

Combat Pass Obstacles:

  • Credit score a basket on different hoops (/5)
  • Research Chests in Loot Lake (/7)
  • Search in between an oasis, rock and roll archway and dinosaurs (/1) – Hard
  • Sniper Rifle Eliminations (/2)  – Difficult

The difficulties that stick out here consist of credit score a basket on different hoops as well as the lookup among an retreat, rock and roll archway and dinosaurs problem.

Here’s a roadmap showing exactly where every one of the football hoops are:


And here is exactly where you’ll discover the Struggle Superstar between your retreat, rock archway and dinosaurs:


Week 3:

Totally free Difficulties:

  • Package harm to adversaries within a complement (/500)
  • Utilize a Launchpad (/1)
  • Stick to the jewel guide present in Flush Production line (/1) – Hard

Battle Move Difficulties:

  • Look for Chests in Dangerous Fields (/7)
  • Take a Clay-based Pigeon at distinct spots (/5)
  • Remove competitors in Haunted Hillsides (/5)
  • Explosive Weapon Eliminations (/3) – Difficult

For full week 3, the treasure road map found in Flush Factory as well as the clay-based pigeon areas are where by you’ll need the most assist.

Here’s where to locate the Battle Superstar:


And here are exactly where each of the clay-based pigeon shooting locations are thanks to our sibling internet site, Gamespot:


Full week 4:

Cost-free Problems:

  • Construct Components (/250)
  • Jump by way of flaming hoops by using a Shopping Cart or ATK (/5)
  • Remove adversaries in Dusty Divot (/3) – Hard

Struggle Complete Difficulties:

  • Deal problems with Sniper Rifles to opponents (/500)
  • Lookup Chests in Flush Factory (/7)
  • Lookup from a gas station, football pitch, and Stunt Mountain peak – Difficult
  • Pistol Eliminations (/3) – Difficult

For week 4, you’re gonna would like to know where by all of the flaming hoops are and ways to lookup from a gas station, football pitch and Stunt Mountain.

Here’s the place you find all the flaming hoops courtesy of GameSpot:


And here’s how to locate the Combat Star from a service station, football pitch and Stunt Mountain:


Week 5:

Free of charge Problems:

  • Search Chests in Garbage Junction (/7)
  • Use Rift Sites (/3)
  • Remove Opponents Within a Complement (/3) – Challenging

Battle Move Challenges:

  • Bargain problems for participants using a Clinger, Stink Bomb, or Grenade (/300)
  • Strike a golfing soccer ball from tee to natural on diverse slots (/5)
  • Stick to the cherish map seen in Snobby Shores (/1) – Difficult
  • Remove foes in Shifty Shafts (/3) – Hard

For this list of challenges, you’ll must know exactly where rift sites may very well spawn and the ways to stick to the treasure guide at Snobby Shores.

Listed below are all of the acknowledged rift spawn places:


Here’s exactly where you get to get the Struggle Celebrity from your guide at Snobby Shores:


7 days 6:

Free Challenges:

  • Offer Headshot Problems for foes (/500)
  • Harvest constructing solutions with a pickaxe (/3000)
  • Research where Natural stone Heads are searching (/1) – Tough

Fight Move Obstacles:

  • Research Chests in Alone Lodge (/7)
  • Full timed trials (/5)
  • Minigun or Gentle Machine Pistol Eliminations (/2) – Tough
  • Eradicate opponents in Tilted Towers (/3) – Hard

In week 6, you’ll want to find out the location where the stone heads are looking and the best places to complete the timed tests.

Here’s the location where the gemstone heads are searching:


And here is to find all of the time trial run areas thanks to Gamespot:


Week 7:

Free Difficulties:

  • Go to different Called Areas in a single match up (/4)
  • Look for Offer Droplets (/3)
  • SMG Eliminations (/3) – Challenging

Struggle Pass Problems:

  • Bargain problems for competitors buildings with Distant Explosives (/8,000)
  • Period 1: Search a Upper body in Pleasurable Playground (/1)
          – Period 2: Research a Chest area in Retail industry Row (/1)
          – Stage 3: Research a Upper body in Blessed Landing (/1)
          – Stage 4: Lookup a Chest area in Fatty Grove (/1)
          – Closing Point: Look for a Upper body in Heaven Hands (/1)
  • Stick to the prize road map present in Dusty Divot (/1) – Challenging
  • Get rid of opponents in Sluggish Hyperlinks (/3) – Difficult

Few days 7 was the very first week we experienced staged difficulties, and then we listed all 5 in order to take flight by means of them as quickly as possible. You’re also going to would like to know where to find the Struggle Legend from the road map in Dusty Divot.

Here’s the location where the Battle Legend is:


Week 8:

Totally free Challenges:

  • Place Traps (/10)
  • Look for Chests in Wailing Forests (/7)
  • Shotgun Eliminations (/4) – Tough

Fight Complete Problems:

  • Package damage using a select ax to foes (/250)
  • Work with a Rift at different Rift spawn locations (/10)
  • Research involving about three around-scaled seats (/1) – Tough
  • Period 1: Eliminate an rival in Fatty Grove (/1)
         – Point 2: Get rid of an opponent in Lonely Lodge (/1)
         – Last Phase: Eradicate an challenger in Lethal Fields (/1)

Few days 8 has another hunt for rifts, but we found that you should pick ones that have been not correct following to one another. You may use the chart over from 7 days 5 to get all rift places. The chests in Wailing Forest are rather distributed, therefore we produced a map in which all chests spawn (although they won’t spawn in all of the places every game):


You’re also likely to want the Struggle Celebrity that’s between your around-measured seating and…effectively…there’s a map for the:


Few days 9:

Cost-free Difficulties:

  • Deal problems with Incredible Weapons to foes (/500)
  • Get Strategy Factors within a Shopping Cart or ATK (/150,000)
  • Adhere to the treasure road map present in Shifty Shafts (/1) – Hard

Combat Move Challenges:

  • Point 1: Lookup a Torso in Haunted Mountains (/1)
        – Point 2: Research a Chest in Shifty Shafts (/1)
        – Period 3: Research a Torso in Slack Back links (/1)
        – Point 4: Search a Chest area in Tilted Towers (/1)
        – Closing Phase: Look for a Torso in Unsafe Reels (/1)
  • Pay a visit to diverse Stone Heads (/7)
  • Assault Gun Eliminations (/5) – Tough
  • Eliminate foes in Tomato Temple (/3) – Hard

Full week 9 has you looking for the Battle Star from the prize guide in Shifty Shafts, but you can easily go specifically in this article:


You’re also given the job of visiting all several of your stone heads. Here’s a map in which all are:


Few days 10:

Free Difficulties:

  • Lookup Jigsaw Challenge Items in Basements (/7)
  • Eat Apples or Mushrooms (/20)
  • Get rid of Competitors (/10) – Challenging

Fight Successfully pass Challenges:

  • Research Chests in Salty Springs (/7)
  • Offer problems for foes (/5,000)
  • Search from a protected connection, waterfall, and also the 9th natural (/1) – Challenging
  • Phase 1: Eradicate an opponent in Pleasurable Park (/1) – Tough
       – Point 2: Eliminate an opponent in Wailing Forest (/1)
       – Final Period: Eradicate an challenger in Blessed Getting (/1)

Finally, for few days 10, the difficulties that will be simpler with visuals involve locating jigsaw challenge sections in basements and searching between a protected link, waterfall as well as the 9th green.

Here’s where all the recognized basements are on the map:


And here’s where you can find the Struggle Star from a covered connection, waterfall and also the 9th green:


That’s it: With any luck , you got every one of the products you wanted, and we’ll look at you next season by using a period half a dozen, 7 days 1 struggle manual.


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