Fortnite season 5, week 9 challenges leaked, how to solve the Shifty Shafts treasure map


As Fortnite: Combat Royale‘s time of year 5 draws to your near (with participants nevertheless questioning in which the Fortnite Cube’s proceeding next and when they’ll be actively playing the new Escape activity method), time is jogging over to level increase your at any time-important Combat Successfully pass. 

We’re now on full week 9 of year five’s obstacles and there’s just one far more week right up until period six. To produce taking hold of these divisions much more demanding, the most recent pair of problems had been delayed until Fri Sept. 7. Epic Game titles states it’s because the weekly repair was moved to Thursday due to a ‘essential controller matter’ and so the difficulties were postponed to Fri. It announced the hold off from the area using the established @FortniteGame Youtube accounts:

With the delay and just an additional few days till year six, you’ll want to be all set on Friday to grind out these challenges and unlock all the equipment just before it’s gone.

This week’s obstacles will probably be quite normal with a couple of exceptions, in accordance with information miners who search through the game code every week, but this article must help you get on track for completing them easily.

Of course, if you haven’t done the week 8 problems yet, take a look at our information here. Without further ado, listed here are the difficulties for full week nine:


  • Deal problems with explosive weaponry to foes (/500) 
  • Utilize an ATK (All Surfaces Kart) (/1) 
  • Keep to the cherish road map present in Shifty Shafts (/1) — Challenging

Struggle Pass

  • Research chests in Enjoyable Recreation area (/7) 
  • Party with another player in close proximity to Loot Lake (/1) 
  • Assault rifle eliminations (/5) — Hard 
  • Remove opponents in Tomato Temple (/3) — Tough

The way to deal damage with intense tools to adversaries  

Go out your rocket launchers, anyone, since they’re going to be the go-to tool for this particular struggle. You could also use grenades or grenade launchers, but the rocket launcher nonetheless features far more value for your money. I recommend starting the 50 compared to. 50 activity setting, try to look for a rocket launcher, then go to the surprise group for the end online game, then try to find categories of enemies and fireplace apart. Even though it might seem suggest, look for downed (however, not out) participants simply because you’ll have the harm from hurting them and those that are attempting to mend them.

The way you use an ATK (All Landscape Kart)

This has to be the best challenge ever as there are ATKs everywhere in the map, but also for safety’s sake, players ought to most likely head to Very lazy Hyperlinks in which the most ATKs spawn. Jump in, travel and you’re completed.

The best way to follow the jewel guide located in Shifty Shafts

Just like all comply with-the-treasure-road map challenges, you could visit Shifty Shafts to find the guide then find out where to go, or simply Google it just like you just managed and have the answer from us! Here’s in which this week’s Struggle Star is:


The best way to search chests in Nice Park  

This can be your standard upper body research we’ve observed in past weeks in which you’ll obviously desire to terrain in Enjoyable Park and strive to hit all the upper body spawn nodes you are able to. It might be pretty populated as others make an effort to perform the exact same obstacle, so you’ll only want to give attention to it for a few video games to acquire all seven chests.

How to experience a dancing with an additional person in close proximity to Loot Lake  

We’ve seen challenges with dancing at different places just before, but by no means that can compare with that one. Just for this obstacle, you’ll should travel towards the two complexes about the to the west area of Loot Lake with a close friend and head to the party ground from the north constructing. From that point you just start belly dancing to perform the problem. For the very best results, enjoy a squad video game and be sure to mark the building on the road map which means that your teammates know where to go. Here’s in which the dancing floor is:


Getting attack gun eliminations

This really is yet another uncomplicated pursuit that can be specifically simple if you appreciate attack rifles. Obviously, you’ll must discover one of the numerous distinct varieties of attack rifles inside the video game, then reach job. There is a pair alternative methods to assault that one. You might brain for Tilted Towers where you know you will find lots of measures, nevertheless i possess a diverse plan. If you appreciate employing ARs, you’ll probably complete this obstacle normally across the full week as you play the video game.

The way to remove foes in Tomato Temple

This is just one of these obstacles you’ll might like to do without delay because that’s when you’ll discover the a lot of people likely to Tomato Temple. Simply drop in, products up and begin capturing. You’ll desire to hop into single method with this 1 to find the greatest concentration of adversaries.


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